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Gargee Tamboli

Gargee Tamboli was born in a family of musicians. Even as a child, she was very interested in Indian Classical Music. Gargee began her training in Hindustani Classical Vocal at the tender age of 5 under Arati Shah Yukich in Pennsylvania. At the age of 9, she moved to Arizona and was fortunate enough to begin learning under Phoenix Gharana. She is currently 14 years old and under the guidance of Shri. Manu Srivastava of Phoenix Gharana. With his training, she has improved significantly. She was exposed to and inspired by the many great musicians who travelled from India to the U.S. Gargee also excels in academics, getting several awards, including 1st place at the Hamilton Innovation Science and Engineering Fair with her project of making ethanol out of fruits native to Arizona. She will be attending Hamilton High School next year and looks forward to continuing her musical journey.
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