Performing Artists, their instruments/vocal and genres

Harsha Patel

My name is Harsha Patel, and I am a Sangeet Visharad and an international performer. I started my music journey at the age of 15 in Balasore, Orissa. After obtaining my Visharad degree, I have been giving musical concerts, both private and public, in varied styles worldwide in countries such as South Africa, Fiji, Australia, England, and Canada. I have also presented radio programs and popular TV channels like Astha, Sanskar in India, and ATN in Canada. My concerts are usually in Hindi and Gujarati language; however, I have performed in other languages such as Rajasthani, Marathi, and Odiya. My main genres are classical Hindustani, Bhajans, Raas Garba, and Bollywood music.
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