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Kavitha Jayaraman

Kavitha was initiated into music at age 5 and since then has been on a relentless pursuit of this art form over the years. She is a trained under the Carnatic Classical style in both Vocal and Veena . She started her initial Veena tutelage from Smt Jayashree Aravind, Mumbai and currently under advance guidance from Smt.Meenakshi Somasundaram. She completed a Diploma in Vocal and Veena music under the aegis of Singapore Indian Fine Arts and was awarded the title ‘Sangeetha Visharad’.

She Has won several awards at various institutions for music and fine arts. She has performed extensively in Mumbai, Chennai and Singapore including prestigious venues like Music Academy - Chennai, Esplanade Singapore etc . She has also been part of the music ensemble for various dance productions.

She was awarded the Cultural Talent Scholarship from Center for Cultural Resources & Training (Ministry Of Human Resources & Development, Govt. of India) for specialized training in Carnatic Music for 10 years.

Kavitha was selected as an IndianRaga USA fellow 2018 and since then has been part of various collaborations with artists from across the country. She promotes and practices the concept of ‘Seva through Vidya’ or ‘Teach to Reach’ – by teaching Vocal/ Veena to raise funds for various social causes.
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