Performing Artists, their instruments/vocal and genres

Sindura Sridhar

Sindura Sridhar, is a 7th grader and was initiated in to Carnatic music at a young age, by her mother and father, who are a vocalist and a violinist respectively. She is currently taking Carnatic vocal training with Srimathi Padma Sugavanam. Sindura has competed and placed in multiple competitions with organizations such as SAPTAMI, CMANA, Sivan Fine Arts, and the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival where she also participated in the Sustaining Sampradaya concert. Sindura is also pursuing Carnatic violin lessons with her father Dr. Gopalan Sridhar.

Outside of Carnatic music, Sindura enjoys learning and performing western classical voice, violin and piano, as well as bharatanatyam. She also presides over a speech club at school.
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