Words from our audience
Both artists’ performance was superb -- Subhanallah!
- Girish Modi
Madhuri ji, you sang very well both songs. I am very impressed by your playing harmonium with such efficiency to accompany your singing. Congratulations!
- Vijaya Rajkotia
Amazing show! It’s a very nice way to promote our classical music and young artists. Loved the show uncle. Would love to hear my all time favorite song “vaishnav jan to ene re kahie”
- Anshu
Sound quality is excellent
- Dharmesh Patel
Enjoyed both the Bhajans this am.
- Bharat Vakil
It was a very nice instrumental program watched on YouTube … very good idea to lighten all people these days.
- Anju
This is an EXCELLENT idea and implementation. Gives local talent and skills some very good and needed exposure.
- Mahesh Bhuta
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Such a beautiful performance.
- Yamuna Devi
Very well done and what a great way to keep spirits up during these times of isolation! Best wishes to the entire Desh Videsh family for putting this project together!
- Ashwini
Great show and we enjoyed both young artists. When is the next show? I can share with my friends!
- Kashyap
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