Words from our audience
Kudos Sanjana!
- Sadasivam Eniasivam
Very good performance by both young artists! “Raghupati Raghav” took me to Jan. 30, 1947, when Mahatmaji left for heaven.
- Ramesh Chokshi
Too good. Enjoyed both violin and tabla . Very beautiful. Looking forward to enjoying more such performances.
- Rudha Sales
Very well played especially the bowing. Sweet and melodious
- Girija Sundaram
Great performance Sanjana and Rajesh! Congratulations to Sanjay Chandran and family.
- Sanjiv Anand
Great start of Sa Ni Dha Pa Live, looking forward to many more episodes
- Ibisys
not bad for the first episode. I prefer less talking and more music. Songs selection was not appropriate for violin......... Do you pay any money to the artists? If not, I'd like to offer payment of $100 to each artist per episode. Please note that I am a 80-yr old retired who loves Indian music and classical dances.
- Girish Modi
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