Words from our audience
Very nice.. enjoyed thoroughly
- Serpentenergy
Nice rendition on vittal
- Vasanthi Ramakrishnan
Vaishnavi Kondapalli melodious sumadhur rendition. loved it.
- Jigisha Mehta
Good very happy to listen to melodies songs from you and lovely voice
- Prabhu Kumar Kondapalli
Lovely!!! Stay Blessed.
- Hyma A
Treat to the ears. Stay blessed.
- Chitra Ramadurai
Very Shshtriya Performance By An Young Artist ...Brevo
- Ramesh Chokshi
Excellently rendered Janani Nagaraj. God bless you with many more achievements. Congratulations to you & to your Parents
- Meeraa Shankaranarayanan
Gana Gambeeram grand all the best
- Hemamalini Natarajan
Very nice bhairavi by janani Nagraj.
- Rakeshsudhir Bamboomelodies
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