Words from our audience
Kudos to Janani and Rohit. Seeing you both over the years and the current level of proficiency shows your commitment to learn the art and perfect it. Good luck going forward. No doubt your both will attain greater heights in respective art forms. GREAT PERFORMANCE! Cheers.
- Sadasivam Eniasivam
Excellent Shyam super Kanna we are very proud of you our best wishes and blessings to all of you
- Padma Ganapathy
Excellent concert by all these youngsters. Congratulations to Janani and others. Keep up the good work guys and you are already blessed with such a talent, practice but more and you are all sure go places.
- Sreekanth M.R
Wonderful performances...enjoyed it... very blessed children
- Sankari Rajasekaran
Congratulations Rohit Warier! Well accompanied! Beautifully played God bless you with many many more Achievements. Once again Congratulations to you & to your Parents
- Meeraa Shankaranarayanan
Very nice. Nisha ji... Thank you Sa ni dha pa Sur-Sangam.. enjoyed thoroughly.
- Serpentenergy
Amazing performance Nisha!
- Meena Singh
Awesome program.... Great and soulful singing by Rucha..... Best wishes
- Rajeev Kulkarni
Great performance rucha!my best wishes !
- Seema Sarath
Amazing!! Great performance Nishaji. All the very best.
- Nilam Gajwani
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