Words from our audience
Hi Alka. Looking forward
- Vijaya K Sastry
Wow, beautiful! Well sung!
- Asha GS
It was as always very nice and great as many admittedly addressed without any accompanying instruments simply soothing and superb and very apt, thank you.
- Anand Law
Sudhir ji, perfect as always!
- Parul Sharma
Alka ji , though I have no idea about Hindustani, I loved your Ghazal "Aaj jaaneki zid na karo." Absolutely soothing and professional execution .
- Ramakishore Boindala
Alkaji, lovely renditions! Thank you for enhancing our evening!
- Mayank Vora
Purnima you are an accomplished singer.
- Girish Modi
Congrats Purnima for your excellent songs and Rishabh for your enthralling sitar performance.
- Sridhar Parasuraman
Nice rendition by both artists. Congratulations!
- Suresh Kumar Subramanian
- Vaishali Shah
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